Here are the prices of the ultra-fast Tesla Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid

According to the movie Spaceballs from 1987 (The Crazy History of Space), what is faster than ludicrous ? In effect : plaid. Elon Musk, Tesla chief and geek supreme, indeed derives the names of the drive modes and faster variants from this 1980s cult film. While the Tesla Model S and its drive mode ludicrous left us for a while, it now returns in its famous Plaid version.

Tesla Model S Blanket (2022) rijdend, purchase

Steering Wheel Yoke

This means the Model S can now be ordered with three electric motors, which produce a total of 1,020 hp. As a result, Model S accelerates faster than ever: 0-100 km/h takes just 2.1 seconds. In addition, the Plaid benefits from cooling, electronics and chassis adjustments, and introduces the famous steering wheel yoke resembling the handlebars of an airplane. The price of the Tesla Model S Plaid? €139,990 (France: €138,990).

Tesla Model S Plaid (2022) interior

“Fastest accelerating SUV”

The Model X also has a Plaid version with the same powertrain and horsepower. Sure, the big SUV puts a bit more weight in motion, but that doesn’t change the fact that a 2.6-second sprint to 100 km/h is still mind-blowing. Tesla has no hesitation in calling the Model X Plaid the fastest-accelerating SUV currently in production. Its price is €143,990 (France: €141,990).

Tesla Model X Plaid (2022) rijdend, vooraanzicht

If you order a Tesla Model S or Model X Plaid today, you can expect it at your charging station between the end of the year and February next year. Later, Tesla will open the order books for the AWD Dual Motor versions, which are a little more classic but still just as fast. These versions are expected in 2023.

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