Henna Karna on Co-Creation, Security, and What Sets Google Cloud Apart


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June’s live Cloud Wars Expo event featured dozens of industry leaders giving the Acceleration Economy team access to the inner workings of the largest growth market the world has ever seen.

In this News Desk Interview, Principal Analyst Aaron Back welcomes Henna Karna, Managing Director of Google Cloud’s Global Insurance and Risk Management, for a discussion of Google Cloud’s differentiators and how it aims to serve customers with increased industry-specific needs.


00:16 — Aaron introduces Henna Karna from Google Cloud. Karna briefly describes the different industries her role as Managing Director of Global Insurance Risk Management supports, including retail, banking, and financial services.


02:21 — Google Cloud financial services solutions help customers overcome three major industry challenges: customer experience and growth, operational profitability, and regulatory management and reporting.

06:04 Karna explains how Google Cloud differentiates itself from other cloud providers by streamlining the “data-to-value journey”, with examples of how Google has developed unified data governance. Data security requires real-time data transparency.

07:56 “More data and more time to create differentiated value propositions creates more value for the end customer,” says Karna, adding that between 60% and 80% of their time in the financial services industry is spent on reconciliation, connection, collection and organization of these data factors.

10:16 Karna describes how to keep pace with cyber threats through evolving technology and the Zero Trust model that Google helped pioneer.

12:28 — Co-creation and innovation are essential elements in advancing the respective missions of Google and its customers. Karna outlines the key principles that guide Google Cloud’s approach to security and performance when supporting its partner customers.

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