He plays Flight Simulator in his Tesla and you can too!

News hardware He plays Flight Simulator in his Tesla and you can too!

After the announcement last July of the arrival of Steam in the Tesla, a user found a way to run the Xbox Game Pass directly from the screen of his Tesla. The best ? It’s very easy to do.

It’s possible to play Xbox in a Tesla!

A user on
owner of a Tesla Model 3, found a way to run his Game Pass Ultimate directly from his car. The result is quite impressive, even in 4G. The manipulation is nothing more complicated. To believe that Tesla could officially implement a cloud gaming service.

Because yes, this is not an official function of Tesla cars. But this trick in no way violates the rules of use of the Californian manufacturer.

Last July, Tesla has announced its desire to add Steam directly to its cars. A brilliant idea that will allow you to play while you recharge the vehicle. But imagine being able to play all games on all Cloud Gaming services.

Theoretically, it is possible to play on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Playstation Plus cloud gaming, GeForce Now, Stadia and even the Shadow service. The latter could in theory allow you to have a complete computer and to be able to play absolutely all the video games available on the PC, directly from your Tesla. The only condition is to have a sufficiently stable Internet connection.

On Reddit, user “gj26185” shared his discovery in a post. He explains in a few lines what he managed to do. In a video he posted, he is seen playing Flight Simulator with an Xbox controller directly on the screen of his Tesla.

To do this, he used a site he created himself, allowing him to use services not officially supported by Tesla. He explains in his thread, that the site allows him to launch applications in full screen. This notably allowed him to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play in 4G. The connection was very stable.

For the connection of the Xbox controller, a person asked him if there was a particular manipulation to be carried out. According to him, there is nothing to do, except plug his controller into the standard USB port.

However, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. A user complained that he couldn’t get his controller to work. “Gj26185” explained that the D-pad should be used first when not in game. Once connected, the entire Xbox controller is usable as normal. If the problem persists, it advises to restart the browser.

Even if this function is not official, it shows the possibilities that Tesla can have by natively integrating all these Cloud Gaming services.

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