He implants the keys to his Tesla in his hand and, surprisingly, it works (and yes, there is a video)

Tesla fans are quite particular. And one of them went even further in this direction by merging as much as possible with his electric car. So much so that he implanted the key to his Tesla in his hand so as not to have to approach his mobile phone or his card. And, above all, so as not to lose it.

Brandon Dalaly, has done everything to keep his car keys always at hand (and never better said). Together from a biotechnology company called VivoKey, implanted a chip in his right hand containing the access keys to his Tesla. And while it sounds like science fiction, it worked pretty well. It works properly and just walking to his car unlocks it.

He is one of a small group of people who… tests VivoKey’s NFC technology with the intention of making it more profitable than the cars. In fact, the project is aimed at any system that works via NFC. The system does not work by removing the chip from the Tesla key, but by reprogramming a special chip from the Apex company.

The idea is to include a credit card in addition to the Tesla key

As crazy as it sounds, the truth is that Brandon Dalay has already gone through a similar process, also with VivoKey technology. Before the Tesla key was implanted, Dalay had another chip implanted in his left hand which was linked to his house key. Besides, it also contains his medical information, vaccination card and some other useful documents. And he wants to go further by adding a credit card to his new chip:

The general idea was to have the house key in the left hand and the car key in the right hand. And I can use it wherever there are touch terminals to pay.

VivoKey chips are covered with biocompatible materials such as biopolymers and bioglasses; so that they are accepted by the body’s natural tissues without being rejected and your body can “adapt to the chip”. And apparently they can also shine, like in a bad Blade Runner sequel.

Oh, and yes, there is a video:

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