He gets a chip implanted to open his Tesla with his arm

This owner can now open his Tesla even without a phone or wallet. He paid $400 for it!

Tesla brand cars are controlled via a very practical smartphone application. If the models of the brand of Elon Musk always have a real physical key in case of emergency, they lock and unlock automatically by detecting the presence of the telephone near the doors.

Brando Dalaly no longer needs to bring his phone to open his Tesla. This American has indeed decided to have an NFC implant placed in his wrist, allowing him to open and close his car simply by positioning his arm against the car.


The implant cost him $400. But it’s not just for unlocking your car. It also allows him to pay without taking out his credit card or other means of payment. Note that this chip has nothing to do with the Tesla company and that it is an isolated initiative.

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