He collects a parking fine before winning his case, thank you Google Maps

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A few days ago, a 21-year-old British boy won his country’s court case in a completely improbable case.

It all started when he received a parking fine the day after his birthday. The latter amounted to £100, or approximately €118. Only problem for the young man, he never parked in the parking lot indicated and even less for more than 3 hours as specified.

It was then that a brilliant idea came to his mind! To prove his innocence in this parking case, Jamie Chalmers used his Google Maps history. If the latter is activated, it can record your trips and their times.

An extremely useful feature, therefore, as he explains in the columns of the Mirror:

I used my Google location history to counter their claims. It shows the times and places you’ve been and how long you’ve been driving (…) I appealed and showed them the evidence and they had no choice but to drop the evidence loads.

Well seen !

In his success in the face of British justice, the young man therefore advised all motorists to activate the Google location history. Not sure that this feature enchants all motorists, however.

Clement Fauriel

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