He asks children to cross in front of his Tesla so that they risk their lives!

Can you lend your child to this Tesla owner to test the effectiveness of his emergency braking system? Yes, that’s actually what a man just asked on Twitter…

Like most modern high-end vehicles, Teslas are equipped with numerous driving aids. If these systems do not yet make it possible to avoid all accidents, recent studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of the devices on board Teslas in particular. From there to blindly trusting this equipment, there is a step that an American owner of Tesla decided to take cheerfully.

On Twitter, he simply asked residents of the San Francisco area to “lend” him a child. The goal? Do a little experiment to prove the effectiveness of the security systems of your Tesla, and in particular its emergency braking device detecting pedestrians. This experiment would thus consist in making the child pass in front of the car while it is driving. He promises that he “will not run over him and will stay behind the wheel to brake manually if the system fails”.

So, volunteers?

This Tesla fan wanted to demonstrate that those who accuse Tesla’s systems of sometimes operating erratically are wrong. It’s still hard to imagine how anyone could be crazy enough to carry out an experiment like this for good…

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