Hardware and software integration, Google would draw a lot of inspiration from Apple for the future of Google TV

Two years after the launch of Chromecast with Google TV, which inaugurated the new Android TV interface (baptized Google TV, like the old name of Android TV… Everyone follows?), the search engine has not forced its talent. The OS was entitled to some marginal improvements and the reinforcement of applications including Apple TV, but it is true that there was no big upheaval in this regard. No need to fix what works, after all.

There could still be something new in this sector, as several rumors have indicated lately. Similar to Apple’s strategy, Google intends to better integrate all of its hardware and software platforms. According to the website Protocolthis will first go through the possibility of making Nest speakers the audio output of the Chromecast and other devices running Google TV and Android TV.

That sounds a lot like the glued/tight connection between Apple TV and HomePod. For the new Chromecast, this pairing had been announced in 2020 but since then, nothing. Was the technology at the time based on Sonos patents, which would have forced the company to revise its plans? Impossible to say. This function is expected in the coming months.

Another long-awaited feature is the ability to quickly pair headphones compatible with Google TV via the Fast Pair feature. The search engine had announced it at the very beginning of January.

In the longer term, Google would also work to tighten the links (rather non-existent, it must be recognized) between Google TV / Android TV and Wear OS / Fitbit. The idea would be very similar to Apple Fitness+, with training videos on TV, which would also display calories burned, heart rate, etc. This integration is expected for next year, at best.

Google would also like to bring Google TV closer to its home automation platform. This would allow the video stream of the doorbell to be displayed on the TV in the form of a thumbnail when watching a film or a series. Again, this is reminiscent of the integration of HomeKit cameras with Apple TV.

Google TV wants to catch up

Google TV wants to catch up with Apple TV in home automation and fitness

Google TV could soon offer around fifty live channels to watch without paying anything (these are ad-supported channels) or downloading additional applications. A priori, this service will be limited to American and possibly Canadian users, who will be able to watch ABC News Live, CBC News or The Asylum.

This tsunami of indiscretions comes as a cheaper Chromecast appears to be gearing up for this fall.

A more affordable version of the Chromecast with Google TV is coming to light

A more affordable version of the Chromecast with Google TV is coming to light


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