Hack Curve Finance: Binance finds and freezes 83% of cryptos

Cryptos stolen, frozen, soon to be returned ? – On the evening of August 9, 2022, the DeFi protocol teams of CurveFinance had to warn that the front-end (the public interface) of their official website had been hacked. The equivalent of $570,000 of cryptocurrencies was thus stolen. But it was without counting on a interception of these funds by the crypto-exchange Binance.

Binance grabs big chunk of loot stolen via Curve

A few days ago CurveFinance experienced a major problem with his domain name Curve.fi. Indeed, the DNS of the protocol site had been pirateallowing attackers to place a corrupted smart contract. The latter deceived Curve users in order to steal their precious cryptos.

It is the equivalent of $570,000 of crypto-assets that were hijacked before the hack was discovered. But fortunately, in this misfortune, it would seem that the hackers had too much confidence in the crypto-exchange Binance.

Indeed, the latter spotted a good part of the cryptos fraudulently acquired, and immediately jellies ! This is Changpeng “CZ” Zhaothe CEO of Binance, who personally announced the blocking of 83% loot on his account Twitter :

“Binance froze/recovered $450,000 of stolen funds from Curve, which represents over 83% of the hack. We are currently working to return the funds to users. The hacker kept sending the funds to Binance in different ways, thinking we couldn’t catch him. »

Binance captures funds from Curve hackers.
Twitter account @cz_binance

The story therefore ends rather well for Curve users, who will at least find a good part of their cryptos. She reminds us, however, that Binance has updated its Terms of Service in Franceand that the platform can freeze unilaterally “your” (her) cryptos any moment now if she suspects anything. Not your keys, not your coins (obviously, even pirates forget this!).

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