GPS guidance applications will be greener

A decree published on August 3, 2022 requires guidance applications to integrate new functionalities encouraging users to drive more slowly and to favor carpooling, among other things.

Source: Waze

In recent years, the government has multiplied measures aimed at reducing the impact of the automobile on greenhouse gas emissions. We obviously think of the ecological penalty, but also of the ZFE and the Crit’Air sticker as well as the measures concerning car advertising. For example, since March 1, the spots broadcast on TV and in the press must include messages encouraging people to use their personal car less.

But the government wants to go even further. For this, he is now targeting GPS guidance applications, which he wants to make more ecological. It is in this context that a decree was published on August 3 in the Official Journal, announcing a series of measures, which will come into force gradually.

New awareness messages

Among the first to be put in place, the arrival of awareness messages. Guidance applications such as Waze, Apple Plans or Google Maps should display the following type of messages: “for short journeys, favor walking or cycling”, “going from 130 to 110 km/h on the motorway reduces your fuel consumption 20%” or “consider carpooling”. Messages similar to those displayed on advertisements, which will be concluded with the hashtag “#SeDéplacerLesPolluer”.

But that’s not all. In addition to these incentives to slow down and abandon your private car, the applications will also be required to display the polluting gas emissions of the various means of transport available for the chosen route. When calculating the route, estimates of the pollution generated by each alternative will be indicated.

Several types of gases will be evaluated, such as nitrogen oxides, PM10 particles or carbon dioxide. But in addition to information on the operating phase, the upstream phase of energy source production must also be taken into account. This includes “extraction, cultivation of biofuels, refining, transformation, transport and distribution of energy sources“.

Alternative routes and new information

In addition, applications will also have to offer “an alternative route taking into account a reduction in the maximum speed of 20 km/h on the sections concerned» if a journey includes a section at 130 km/h. These less polluting but longer journeys will be highlighted.

The government also wants to put an end to alternative routes which can sometimes clog the small streets and create nuisances in certain towns. The decree therefore emphasizes that applications will only be able to offer an alternative route if the weather is “reduced by at least 10% compared to the route maximizing the use of non-secondary roads“.

Finally, all guide services will have to display carpooling areas or terminals allowing you to borrow a bicycle. This measure should be appliedno later than December 1, 2022“. From June 1, 2023, apps will also be required to “make it easily accessible» various information, such as traffic restrictions due to pollution peaks for example.

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