Google’s Owlchemy Labs teases a new multiplayer VR game

Google’s virtual reality studio, Owlchemy Labs, is currently teasing a new multiplayer VR game. Its particularity is that it will revolve around hand tracking technology.

Web giant Google has acquired Owlchemy Labs about 5 years ago. The studio is known for its solo launch VR titles for major VR headsets, released over the years. That includes Cosmonious High and the mundane, amazing VR game Job Simulator. The latter was one of the most downloaded titles in 2016, since its release on HTC Vive.

Today, Owlchemy Labs is teasing its very first multiplayer VR game. He hasn’t revealed his name yet, but he considers it his “most ambitious” project to date. The VR studio also hasn’t revealed many details about the game yet, but it has released a short trailer for it.

What should we expect from the new multiplayer VR game from Owlchemy Labs?

Coming from Owlchemy Labs, we can expect a whole lot ofobject interactions. The hand tracking technology offered by the controllers of current VR headsets can, however, struggle to provide satisfactory interaction with the various objects. Nevertheless, with the tracking of the hands of the Meta Quest 2we can still expect good results.

According to the trailer released by the studio, its new multiplayer VR game will indeed be available on Meta’s standalone VR headset. Apparently Owlchemy Labs also counts continue the trend by leveraging hand tracking technology from the company’s upcoming VR device, Project Cambria.

Anyway, according to its CEO, Devin Reimer, his team brings together all the ingredients to offer a ” magical VR experience to the players. It therefore combines in particular the technology of hand tracking with its original worlds. Note that since the launch of Cosmonious High, the VR studio has almost tripled in size.

Still according to Reimer, he likes try new things. He did not fail to add that his new project will allow him to push VR technology to new heights.

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