Google would develop native note taking on websites in Chrome

Google is reportedly working on a feature to take notes natively on websites with the Chrome browser. The option spotted by a Reddit user is currently in the early stages of development.

Notes on sites in Google Chrome

We’ve all bookmarked a web page at least once before we completely forget why. Well Google seems intent on helping you remember that. Like tools like Pocket or Evernote, Google Chrome may soon let you take notes when you save a website so you never forget the reason.

Google wants to help you remember

Google is currently making efforts to develop native features in its browser for taking notes on websites. It was thanks to fixes spotted by a Reddit user on the Chromium Gerrit that the feature was unveiled. These latest findings show the presence of a first preview of the option in Chrome Canary.

Note-taking should work like it does on Microsoft’s Edge browser. After selecting text, an image or a link on the screen, or even without for that matter, you can right click and select the option ” Add note“. The selected text will then be highlighted.

add note
Source: Leoparda64-2 on Reddit

Organized notes to help you find your way around

A side panel with all saved notes would also be available and would appear automatically when you visit a previously saved page, as seen in this video. Clicking on the corresponding note should take you directly to the place you wanted to remember. Your notes would then be synced across all your devices.

This feature appears to be still in early development and may still be subject to changes before it’s fully integrated into Chrome. There are also extensions to do the same thing if you don’t want to wait for this feature to come out. For example, you can use Note Anywhere, Chrome Notes or Page Notes directly on your browser.

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