Google Workspace introduces new features for Android devices with large screens

PARIS, July 26 (Benin News / EP) –

Google has unveiled a number of features that it has introduced in some of its apps that aim to improve the experience when using large screens on Android devices.

In recent months, the company has shown particular interest in the look and feel of its services on tablets and, in fact, has developed a version of Android for this type of device, Android 12L.

This is a ‘software’ update optimized for larger screens that it created with the aim of providing more information and easier multitasking with a split-screen mode.

Likewise, in the Google I/O Developer Conference, which took place last May, the company said it plans to update more than 20 Google apps to take full advantage of the extra real estate on those screens.

Google has just announced that it has improved the Google Workspace apps for large Android devices and has rolled out a series of updates for the following devices Google Drive, Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets and Keep (notes).

First, he pointed out that, to take advantage of the versatility of multitasking, it is now possible to drag text or images from applications such as Chrome or Sheets and drop these contents into an existing document or a cell in a spreadsheet.

Additionally, it is now possible to add links to Drive files by dragging them into a currently open app, such as Keep.

It thus confirms a feature announced by 9to5Google a few days ago, which allows you to drag, drop and insert images saved in this tool into other compatible applications in its ecosystem.

Regarding Drive, Google has indicated that users can now take advantage of their large screens to open two application windows and view the contents of their folders and files without having to return to the initial interface.

On the other hand, she also recalled that those interested can also use keyboards attached to their respective tablets and computers. implement commands to perform different actions.

Among them, select, cut, copy, paste, undo or redo, to quickly navigate the player, documents and presentations at high speed.

Finally, the company said that these updates will be rolling out to Android large screens with Google Workspace and personal Google accounts in the coming weeks.

It also announced that it will continue to introduce new features for these devices with larger panels than smartphones.

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