Google TV: some improvements make the experience smoother

google tvGoogle TV’s interface is a little slow at times, so Google has decided to optimize its operating system to make the experience on devices that use it smoother.

It’s been almost two years since the Mountain View company launched Google TV, with the desire to create a system that is simple and allows quick access to the content you want from the same interface.

But the user experience wasn’t great, and Google listened to the many feedbacks to make changes to Google TV. Note that other improvements will arrive soon.

Increased performance

Google has embarked on optimizations of the processor as well as the cache, which makes it faster to access the home page of your Google TV as well as the various programs. The work on the cache has also reduced the loading time to switch to the child profile and to start browsing in it.

The interface now becomes more fluid, and walking around on a screen or switching from one application to another is done more quickly. In addition, Google TV uses less RAM than before, which improves device performance as well as content viewing.

These optimizations have started to be rolled out and they will be valid for all devices shortly.

Storage space improvements

Big black point of Google devices, internal storage. While Apple offers 32-64GB, storage is much lower on Google TV devices and quickly fills up with the myriad of apps available on the Play Store.

Google has therefore implemented an option to clean the memory more easily. It allows you to clear the cache and quickly uninstall applications that you do not use or use very little. This option is already available on Chromecast devices with Google TV and it will arrive later on other devices running the OS.

Finally, an update reduces the number of errors when you want to install an application when there is very little space left.

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