Google TV finally becomes more fluid thanks to a big polish

Google is aware that its interface is not the fastest to launch. So the Mountain View firm has rolled up its sleeves and announced a host of improvements.

Source: Google

Even if Google today sells many devices like the Pixel 6a, we must not forget that the Mountain View company is initially a company specializing in the software, namely the software experience. So it’s always a little infuriating to see the bugs or slowdowns that can affect some of its products. Google TV which equips many connected televisions, but also the latest Chromecast pays the price. Even Google says so.

In a post published on its support, the giant announces various improvements, acknowledging that the interface really needs it. The first area addressed is of course performance. The home screen should appear faster. Google relies here on processor optimization and cache management. This improvement is already rolling out, so if you see an improvement on your devices, that’s probably why.

Navigation within the different tabs will also be improved to be more responsive. The tab “Liveshould also load faster. More broadly, the amount of RAM used by the OS is now less, writes Google, which should improve the viewing experience and stability. The child profile also benefits from all these improvements and should also launch faster.

Uninstall apps in spades

If you are the type to download all possible and imaginable applications in order to test them, you have certainly quickly run out of storage. Google therefore adds an option called “Free up storage”. This will make it easier to uninstall apps. It is already available on Chromecast and should arrive on the next updates of televisions under Google TV. To find it, just go to Settings > System > Storage > Free up storage.

More broadly, Google has implemented a “automated processwhich frees up space in the background. Remember that last December, Google had already improved the storage capacity of its Chromecast.

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