Google TV Adds 50 Free Live Channels. Here is the list.

If you’re using Android TV’s successor, Google TV, brace yourself: 50 free live channels are on the way.

9to5Google has decompiled a new version of the Android TV app, revealing that Google TV may be looking to expand its live TV options. According to some texts in the app, you will be able to “enjoy 50 live TV channels without the need to subscribe, register or download”.

This is different from adding other streaming services or live TV options to your Google TV. With these you need to download a separate app and have your own subscription. Here, these 50 channels would already be integrated.


9to5Google also found a chart in the app that lists 34 of the expected 50 channels. These range from media like ABC, CBS, and NBC to entertainment channels like American Classics and Hallmark Movies. There’s even an entire channel dedicated to Teletubbies if that’s up your alley. Here are 34 of the 50 channels coming to Google TV:

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