Google Stadia Pro: the games offered in August 2022

Google presents the list of games that will be offered with Stadia Pro from August. There will be six games in total. As a reminder, the Pro offer at €9.99/month allows you to play in 4K with surround sound and to have free games. With the basic offer which is free, you have to be content to play in 1080p with stereo sound.

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Games offered with Stadia Pro in August 2022

The first game offered in August with Stadia is Saints Row: The Third – Remastered. It allows you to embody the Saints at the height of their power and live every moment to show it. This is your city; your rules. Also, this remastered version brings improved graphics.

In the second game, we find Monster Jam Steel Titans 2which gives you more trucks to ride in new worlds.

For the third, it is Calico. A management game in which you have to collect cats in order to set up your own cat bar. With its interesting artistic direction, the title offers you phases of exploration, in order to find cats or other animals, but also of pure and hard management, by arranging your cafe for example.

The fourth game offered with Stadia in August is Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition. Shantae embarks on her first Full HD adventure! When a wave of mysterious crimes hits Sequin Land, it’s up to half-genius hero Shantae to save the day!

The fifth is Murder by Numbers. Solve pixel puzzles to find clues. Use the clues to interrogate the witnesses. Fight your way to the truth.

Finally, the sixth title is Welcome to Elk. An adventure that takes place on a unique island in the world, where each character we meet has a story to tell. Whether weird and wonderful or dark and heartbreaking, all of the stories told about Elk are based on true stories.

All games will be redeemable on Stadia starting August 1.

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