Google slows hiring, says company needs to be ‘more entrepreneurial’

Google will slow hiring for the rest of the year. This is (again) due to the slowdown in the global economy.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Google announced that it would slow down the frequency of its hiring for the rest of 2022 and asked its employees to be “more enterprising”. Like Meta and many other tech companies, CEO Sundar Pichai cited an “uncertain global economic situation” as the cause of the slowdown and explained that the company would consolidate its operations and smooth out situations where “investments overlap ”.

Google will slow hiring for the rest of the year

The pace of Google’s hiring was very strong during the second quarter of this year 2022 as the company added no less than 10,000 new employees to its payroll of 163,906 employees, up 17% compared to the year. former. For the rest of 2022, on the other hand, Google will focus its hiring on engineering, technical and other vital roles: “Now we need to be more entrepreneurial, work faster, focus more and be more hungry than we could have been when times were good. In some situations, this means reducing costs when investments overlap and simplifying processes. In others, it means pausing deployment and reassigning resources to other higher-priority areas.”

This is (again) due to the slowdown in the global economy

Microsoft also plans to reduce its workforce as part of a major program to realign its various activities, according to Bloomberg. This will affect very different groups, including consulting firms and other partners around the world. However, the Redmond firm has every intention of hiring in other key roles and will end 2022 with an increasing number of employees.

Other tech companies have already said that this slowing economy will affect hiring. Just recently, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, warned his employees that “one of the worst declines [qu’il a vus] in recent years” could affect the entire company, asking its managers to “push out” those who “cannot keep up”. Netflix, Unity, Coinbase and PayPal have also recently made large waves of layoffs.

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