Google refutes allegations of shutting down cloud gaming service Stadia

Tech giant Google has refuted the claim that it will shut down its Stadia cloud gaming platform, saying it is “still working to bring more great games to the platform”.

The company said after a rumor started circulating earlier this week suggesting it would be terminating the platform later this year, Engadget reports.

“Stadia is not closing,” the official Stadia Twitter account told a concerned fan in a tweet spotted by PC Gamer.

“Rest assured, we are still working to bring more great games to the platform and Stadia Pro,” he added.

Some Stadia fans were convinced that Google would finally disconnect the service after Cody Ogden of Killed by Google, a Twitter account and blog that tracks the company’s ever-expanding graveyard, shared a post from a group of fans on Facebook.

According to the post, a “former colleague and friend” told the poster that Google recently hosted a meeting to discuss the future of Stadia — or lack thereof.

They claimed the company would shut down the platform by the end of the summer and do so using the same strategy it used with Google Play Music.

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