Google Play is about to adopt a new logo, even more sober

Six years after the last changes made, the Google Play logo is about to evolve again, but in a much more discreet way. On the menu, a slightly softer shape and darker colors.

Google Play Store
The current Google Play logo, for illustration // Source: Frandroid

You may remember the last big logo change for Google Play. In 2016, Google traded in its shopping bag for a button “Playcolored, taking up the usual shades of the group. It seems that the firm is preparing to make a new change to bring the logo of its application market up to date. For this time, however, no radical changes are planned.

In this case, 9to5Google discovered the new logo wanted by Google on the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) website. The firm unveiled it in clear, on July 13, as part of a trademark registration. A classic procedure conducted with the American office in charge of registering patents and trademarks.

A new, more rounded logo with darker colors

On its trademark application, Google describes its new logo as follows:The mark consists of a triangle with rounded corners, divided into four colored sections; the blue color appears on the left; the color green appears at the top; the color yellow appears on the right; and the color red appears at the bottom“.

Compared to the current logo, Google Play’s new logotype appears a bit more chunky, with more rounded corners and darker colors. A discreet evolution, but which allows it to get closer to the logos previously adopted on other Google applications and services.

Google Play new logo
Source: Google via USPTO

That said, Google isn’t getting very creative here. The difference may actually not be obvious. This timid evolution could even harm Google a little in the end: its logos tend to look more and more alike over time, taking up exactly the same colors and the same minimalist aesthetic from one platform to another. other.

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