Google Photos for the web now shows if your images are taking up space


Google has introduced a small but very useful change to Photos on the web, spotted by 9to5Google. In the info section for each photo, there is a new category called “Backed Up” after the current day/date, location, device, EXIF, and image size. It shows whether the file was saved in “Original Quality” or “Storage Saver” and how much space it takes up, if any.

This will be especially informative for users of Google’s free tiers after its storage policy changes instituted on June 1, 2021 that ended unlimited free photo storage. They’ll let you manage your photos on a more granular basis if you need to free up space or just check quality at a glance. This is in addition to the current “Manage Storage” feature which provides overview and management of your cloud storage.

Interestingly, just like the “Downloaded from” and “Shared by” information, the “Saved” information is not available on Android or iOS apps – only on the web. The feature has started hitting some accounts, but has yet to roll out widely.


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