Google optimizes quotes searches

For a long time, the Google search engine has offered the possibility of searching for words in a page using quotation marks. However, the results were not always accurate and you had to scroll through the content to find the terms you were looking for. The web giant has announced an update that should fix this problem. In an August 4 blog post, the company explains that using quotes helps show the exact placement of words or phrases on the page.

More precision for searches between quotes

The recent update to Google Search’s quoted searches makes it easier to identify words in the results. In practice, excerpts, i.e. texts that describe the web content under the links, now show where the term is found in the content. When clicking on a link, it will be easier to find the words or phrases requested, especially since they will be bolded to distinguish themselves from the rest of the text.

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According to Google’s explanations, this improvement was made to allow users to carry out increasingly precise searches. ” We’ve heard feedback that people doing cited searches like to know where the cited content is on a page, rather than an overall description of the page. “, underlines the blog.

Limited functionality

Google has indicated that the new quoted search system is not yet perfect. Excerpts don’t consistently show quoted words if they’re only in title links or page URLs, he said in the statement. The engine will also have difficulty finding words that have disappeared between two scans of web pages.

In recent months, Google has undertaken several optimizations and improvements to its services to maintain its leadership in the field of the web. Last July, he launched a new interface for Gmail and announced the continuation of the development of the alternative to cookies until 2024.

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