Google may face antitrust lawsuits within weeks. Allegations Against The 3-Point Company

The US Department of Justice is likely to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google within weeks over its monopoly in the online advertising market, according to a Bloomberg News report.

The division has been investigating Google’s practices in the ad tech market since 2019 and sued the company in 2020 over its search operations. However, the investigation into the advertising market has accelerated in recent months.

Meanwhile, last week Google reportedly offered concessions to avoid a potential US antitrust lawsuit, including a proposal to spin off parts of its business that auction and place ads on websites and apps in a company. separate under Alphabet, according to a Wall Street Journal report.


Asked about it, a Google spokesperson told Reuters it was engaging with regulators to address their concerns, adding that it had no plans to sell or exit the business. advertising technology.

What are the charges against Google?

  • The case of research manipulation: In this particular case, the Justice Department said the tech giant was using 3 types of anti-competitive behavior to create search and advertising monopolies. First, it partners with other tech companies like Apple to keep Google as the default search engine. Second, it uses its dominance in search advertising marketing to gag other companies. Third, it tries to create barriers for rivals that exploit more specialized research platforms, for example food and travel.
  • The Texas-led ad tech suit: The Texas-led ad-tech lawsuit alleges that the company uses a wide variety of anti-competitive behavior to maintain its monopoly power in digital advertising markets in an effort to drive out competitors. The trial was led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. He had pointed out that “Google has repeatedly used its monopoly power to control prices, engage in market collusion to rig auctions in a massive breach of justice.” The lawsuit also alleges that Google and Facebook agreed not to compete, which can be cited as collusion.
  • The federal case: The suit alleges that Google is using its dominant position in search to preserve its other monopolies, including advertising. It also alleges that the tech giant pays certain companies to block competitors. For example, it pays Apple billions of dollars a year to make its search engine the default search engine. The lawsuit also states that Google controls 90% of the market in terms of search activity. And since it’s free to use Google Search, consumers compensate by giving the company their personal data.

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