Google Maps: the new update should satisfy cyclists

News hardware Google Maps: the new update should satisfy cyclists

Never to be outdone when it comes to expanding its functionality, Google Maps is currently deploying a new update intended to satisfy different very specific categories of users, including cyclists.

Google Maps is probably the most popular free mapping service around the world. Recently, Apple Plan was updated in France, with a view to giving new reasons to iPhone owners to turn to its proposal rather than that of its rival. But many observers have found thatApple neglected cyclists in its proposal.

Google Maps goes cycling

Coincidence or not, Google intends to address cycling enthusiasts in particular in the next update to Maps. Through a blog postthe American company explains that to encourage this mode of travel, and because ofa very strong increase in the number of cyclists who use its service (40% in recent months), it has worked to improve its cycle routes.

Google Maps: the new update should satisfy cyclists

“With our new cycling route information, you’ll soon be able to easily compare routes and take advantage of even finer details (when this data becomes available) to prepare for your future journeys”explains the company. “As well as seeing the elevation gain along your route, you’ll also know if you’ll encounter heavy traffic, stairs or steep inclines. » Access to a very detailed itinerary will also be offered, to avoid any unpleasant surprises for cyclists.

Safety for tourists

Among the other optimizations announced by Google, we find that which allows users to share their location with loved ones. “With new location sharing notifications, you can see when a loved one has arrived or left a location so you can more easily coordinate schedules and have peace of mind”details the company.

For example, when a hiker leaves on a trail, he can inform a loved one by associating his route with a return point. When this is reached, the loved one receives the information and knows that everything went well. Otherwise, he can take the necessary measures to ensure that the hiker is not in danger.

Google Maps: the new update should satisfy cyclists

Obviously, Google clarifies focus on data privacy, and that the persons informed of the geographical position of a user must be defined in advance. It is possible to stop sharing at any time.

Photorealistic aerial views for major monuments

Finally, Google is aimed at tourists, but also at those who like to travel through their screen. For 100 of the world’s most popular landmarks, Maps hosts “photorealistic aerial views”. Barcelona, ​​London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo are among the first cities concerned by a vast project led by Google: that of offering a more immersive exploration within Maps, “an experience that combines AI with billions of high-definition Street View, satellite and aerial images”.

These aerial views, as well as geolocation sharing, are being deployed within Google Maps. Bike trips will gradually arrive in the coming weeks, “in hundreds of cities where cycle routes are available”.

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