Google Maps location history saves him a hefty parking fine

Many users fear, often rightly, that location data collected by apps is used to track their every move. But it can sometimes help, as this young Briton found out who was able to escape a £100 fine thanks to Google Maps.

Jamie Chalmers, a young English motorist, had an unpleasant surprise waiting for him in his mailbox: a fine of £100 (about €119) for having spent more than three hours parking in a car park. Only problem: his car has never parked here, let alone more than three hours.

A victorious call

That day, he was celebrating his 21st birthday and if he had indeed gone to the scene, he did not park there. This is why he appealed against the judgment of the car park operator, Premier Park, in order to contest the fine. But how to prove his good faith? Simple: using location history from Google Maps.

Jamie Chalmers used this information to respond to assertions by Premier Park. The history indeed indicates the times and places where we went, and how long we drove. Thanks to this information, he was able to prove to the operator that no, his car was not parked in this parking lot for more than three hours. ” I appealed and showed them the evidence, and they had no choice but to let it go [l’accusation] “, he explains to the DailyMirror.

And that’s exactly what happened. Faced with the evidence, Premier Park dropped its charge and the hefty fine that goes with it. Jamie Chalmers therefore recommends that all Google Maps users enable this feature (in the app’s ‘Location History’ settings) to avoid non-existent parking plums.

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