Google Maps is full of new features for this summer

google mapsGoogle is launching several interesting new features on Google Maps today. Users will be able to enjoy more detailed bike routes, share their location more easily and see landmarks around the world in 3D aerial view.

Google Maps is the benchmark for smartphone navigation apps. It must be said that it offers many features that competitors do not yet have or will soon have, which allows it to have a good head start against Apple Plans, its biggest rival.

And for this summer, the Mountain View company’s navigation application is launching new features to improve the experience of its users. On the program: even more detailed routes for cyclists, a better way to share your location and the 3D aerial view of nearly a hundred monuments around the world.

Even more detailed cycling routes

google maps bikes

Credits: Google

Cyclists are in for a treat with these improvements on Google Maps. Now, the app will allow them to compare different routes to find the best path based on the route and the time needed to reach their destination. Maps will show the route with the most bike paths, the one with the fewest turns, or the shortest route depending on your route.

They will also have access to more detailed information on each stage of the chosen route, such as the nature of the road (main road, little-used road, cycle path, stairs, etc.). Finally, Google Maps will display the highest and the lowest altitude point, in order to show via a graph the level of a journey to warn you of slopes and hills.

These new features for cyclists will be deployed in the coming weeks in the “hundreds of cities where biking directions are available”. Google Maps has supported cycling routes for more than 12 years, and this mode of transport is becoming more and more popular, according to Google in a blog post. Indeed, cycling trips have “increased by more than 40% worldwide” these last months.

The monuments in 3D with the aerial view

Google Maps aerial view

Credits: Google

In addition to improved bike routes, Google Maps is now rolling out the 3D aerial view that highlights nearly a hundred landmarks and places of interest around the world. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to visualize in 3D and in aerial view several monuments and places of interest from all angles, in a realistic way.

This novelty is similar to Flyover offered by Apple on Plans, its navigation application. According to Google, this is the precursor to Immersive Views which was unveiled during Google I/O 2022. Thanks to the aerial view, you will be able to explore places of interest in several cities around the world such as Barcelona, ​​London, New- York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

An ideal feature to plan your vacation and see the places to visit or not by exploring on Google Maps. Aerial view will be available “later in the year” according to Google, and the same goes for immersive views.

Notifications with location sharing

google maps notifications location

Credits: Google

Latest news from Google Maps that arrives today: the possibility of receiving notifications based on location sharing with other users.

Concretely, it will be possible to receive alerts when one of your loved ones leaves a place (home, workplace or other) and/or when this person arrives at their destination. This feature can be handy for parents when their child leaves school to go home to make sure the trip goes well, or to find friends more easily at concerts or festivals.

You will receive alerts only with people who have authorized location sharing with you, reassures Google for the protection of your privacy. You will also be notified by Google Maps when other people receive notifications alerting them that you have left a place and/or that you have arrived at your destination. It will also be possible to delete the sending of alerts and even to block a person.

This feature is already available to all users worldwide on iOS and Android.

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