Google Maps finally works offline on Wear OS smartwatches

In recent hours, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, its new smartwatches. But beyond the new features of the smartwatches that have been added to its catalog, interesting information has also been revealed about Wear OS, the operating system that the South Koreans are developing in collaboration with Google. Most notable, without a doubt, is that it will add support for a long-awaited feature: use Google Maps offline.

Not many details are known about it yet, but the feature was confirmed by Mountain View during the event. Samsung unboxed. It was mentioned that this feature will be added to Wear OS “later this year”, but no specific date was given.

Until now, using Google Maps navigation on Wear OS required keeping the smartwatch connected to a mobile phone. But soon, that will no longer be the case. It is likely that over the months we will know more about how this support works offline.

In any case, it seems like no coincidence that the addition of this feature was unveiled alongside Samsung’s new smartwatches. In fact, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was designed especially for those who love outdoor physical activities. Access Google Maps offline for a day cycling or hiking is a very useful option.

But that’s not all Google and Samsung have in mind for Wear OS in the futureā€¦..

Wear OS adds support for more offline apps

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Google Maps isn’t the first app to get offline support on Wear OS. Let’s not forget that in 2021 Spotify added the function to play songs from a smartwatch without depending on a mobile phone. And more popular music listening apps will follow soon: Deezer and Soundcloud.

In this regard, the only thing that Google has so far has mentioned