Google is testing new smart glasses in the real world

Google wants to return to the augmented reality glasses market. The firm is relaunching its project and will start testing prototypes in the real world.

Google lives a contrasting history with augmented reality. The subject interests most digital giants like Apple or Meta. However, it’s good Google, which was one of the first major players to launch. The Mountain View company even burned its wings with its Glass project, which was a resounding failure. Promising, the pair of glasses was put away in a drawer and Google quietly turned to the corporate world. The Californian firm did not, however, not completely given up on his dream to reach the general public with augmented reality.

On the occasion of I / O 2022, the firm showed a particularly attractive prototype of AR glasses. Far from the revolution announced with Google Glass, this new pair is intended to be practical in integrating functions useful for everyday life. The key argument was then to use augmented reality to provide a real-time translation ; by requesting the tool of Google, artificial intelligence and machine learning. A promising return, even if the firm had left us a little unsatisfied.

Google returns in August with prototypes

The American giant had not mentioned the technical characteristics or specified whether it intended to launch these glasses. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, simply explained that it was “one of the first prototypes” that Google has tested. Finally, it will not be necessary to wait too long before discovering the new glasses of the company.

Starting in August, Google says it will test prototype augmented reality glasses in the real world. Juston Payne, product manager at Google, says his real-world testing “will help to better understand how these devices can help people in their daily lives”. The company returns to the test of its model capable of translating in real time; specifying that the tests were carried out in its laboratories. “Tests performed only in the laboratory have their limits “says Juston Payne.

A return through the back door

Far from the enthusiasm generated by the announcement of the Glass project, Google seems to want to take its time. The group evokes small-scale tests in public places, with prototypes carried by “a few dozen Googlers” and handpicked testers. “These prototypes will have built-in screens, microphones and cameras, but their capabilities will be strictly limited”, says Google. The objective is to reassure public opinion and avoid controversy who accompanied the Glasses. Thus, it will not be possible to take photos or film with these prototypes. Instead, the cameras will be used for experiences such as real-time translation (menu, panel, etc.). They will also help the user find his way around when moving.

Prototype Google AR glasses 2022
© Screenshot/Google

Even if Google wants to be cautious, the situation has evolved as evidenced by the reception given to Ray-Ban Stories or Snapchat Spectacles. From August, we should know a little more about the new glasses from Google. For now, these prototype AR glasses have no name and the firm does not mention a possible launch date. “It’s still early days and we want to get it right, so we’re taking it slowly, taking special care to protect the privacy of testers and those around them.”she says.

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