Google is already hinting at a first beta in April 2023

In an FAQ, Google already mentions the Android 14 beta, hinting that the program would start in April 2023. The first Developer Preview would therefore potentially take place in February.

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Android 13 has only just been released as a stable version and does not even appear in the Android fragmentation data yet. However, there is already talk of Android 14. Indeed, as noted 9to5Googlethe next version of the mobile OS is already mentioned lip service by Google.

Indeed, on the site dedicated to the Android beta program, the FAQ has been updated to incorporate new information. Thus, the question “How long is each beta program?is now entitled to an answer not yet translated into French. “Android 13 QPR beta updates continue through March 2023, followed by Android 14 beta releases“.

The Android 14 beta in April, the Developer Preview in February?

As a reminder, the acronym QPR stands for “Quarterly Platform Release” and designates a beta program after the launch of the stable version where small new features are added each quarter. These updates were originally scheduled to continue through June. Google has therefore revised its plans and may prefer not to combine the betas of Android 13 QPR and Android 14.

Anyway, the little sentence added in the FAQ suggests that the beta of Android 14 will start directly after March, i.e. in April 2023. We would then be on the same pace as Android 13. In this perspective, we can hope, upstream, two Developer Preview of Android 14, the first of which would be released in February 2023.

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