Google insists, no, Stadia isn’t dead and won’t be shutting down

Since Google has lowered its ambitions regarding Stadia, by closing its internal studios, the service cannot be said to be a great success, even if the technology is highly appreciated by the industry. Last week, rumors announcing the imminent and almost immediate death of the service were heard, but Google put an end to speculation by responding directly to users’ questions.

No closure in sight at the end of the summer?

This is the account Killed by Googlerenowned for its information on services shut down by Google, which started the rumor. It mentioned a Stadia shutdown by the end of the summerwhich was inevitably surprising given that games are already planned to be released on the platform after this date, such as Skull & Bones.

Google chose to respond to these rumors with a new tweet to a user, stating:

Rest assured that we are constantly striving to bring new, quality games to the platform and to Stadia Pro. Let us know if you have any further questions. »

Stadia’s Twitter account even mocked Killed by Google’s statements by parodying his messageto announce that Wavetale was playable for free until today.

In short, Google Stadia is therefore not quite on the verge of death yet, even if its future as a service is not bright. We will now wait the next few months to see if an upcoming closure is possible or not, but for the moment, nothing to worry about.

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