Google Docs and Drive Get a Better and Easier Sharing UI


Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. is rolling out a new web-based sharing prompt UI that the company touts as “simpler”.

Everything is now physically housed in a single box after hitting the blue Share button in the top right corner of each Google Doc. The “Sharing is easier” banner will guide you through what’s new.

“People with access” is the first thing Google highlights to “manage access for individuals and groups.” You (the owner) are listed first and others follow with the field to enter email addresses at the very top.


“General Access” is the next section for “allow or restrict general file access”. On personal Google accounts you have ‘Restricted’ and ‘Anyone with the link’, while there is a domain option for those using Workspace. After that, you can select their role: Viewer, Commentator or Editor.

old vs new

Compared to the previous design from mid-2020, it’s easier to access, while the ‘Copy link’ button is much more visible in the lower left corner. Keeping everything in a static, contained box that doesn’t move is a plus.

Finally, there is a support shortcut in the top right corner with settings for users to determine whether:

  • Editors can change permissions and share
  • Viewers and commenters can see download, print and copy option

Putting everything in one window does a lot to simplify the Drive sharing process. Starting this afternoon, we’re seeing the new Google Docs/Drive sharing UI rolling out to several personal and Workspace accounts we’ve verified.

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