Google Docs: Adding Emojis Is Getting Almost Too Easy (Here’s How)

Google Docs: Adding Emojis Is Getting Almost Too Easy (Here's How)

Google Docs is a tool that makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and classmates, sharing ideas and edits on a single document. Now you can share your feelings too: the latest update to Google Workspace lets you add emojis inline while you type.

To add the emojis, you just have to click on the button @ on your keyboard, followed by the name of the emoji you want to use. For example, if you’re feeling festive, you can click @ followed by “confetti”: the emoji 🎊 will then appear right next to your text. The possibilities are limitless.

Google adopted emojis last year. Last April, the company introduced their use in Google Docs. However, until now, you had to copy and paste them from another site, or use the chooser on your computer.

Available to personal Google Account users, Google Workspace customers, and former G Suite Basic and Business customers

The new feature will be available to all users with a personal Google Account, as well as Google Workspace customers and former G Suite Basic and Business customers.

The pace of deployment will depend on whether your settings select rapid release domains or scheduled release domains. For Google Workspace, the default is scheduled release domains, where users get new features at least one week after they become available in rapid release domains.

Fast-release domain users can expect a phased rollout that began yesterday and will last 15 days. Scheduled release domains will see a phased rollout beginning September 12, 2022.


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