Google collects a lot more data than Facebook, Apple and Twitter

telecom computerA new study from StockApps shows that Google is the worst when it comes to data collection. The Mountain View giant is far ahead of Twitter, Facebook and Apple in this area, Apple being the most respectful of the privacy of its users among the GAFA.

Protecting user privacy has become a fundamental concept for digital companies. Some prove it by showing the tools put in place to protect the personal data of their users. But for others, it’s just a selling point and nothing more, according to the study conducted by StockApps this week.

StockApps analyzed how the five digital giants (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Amazon) collect data from their users. And it is Google which is the most greedy with 39 types of personal data collected for each user, it is three times more than Apple, the best of the five tech giants, which only collects 12 types of personal data.

Apple and Facebook aren’t that big on personal data

Google is followed by Twitter which collects 24 types of personal data, then Amazon just behind with 22 types of personal data collected. The two best in the ranking are Facebook (14) and Apple (12) which therefore collect the least data among the tech giants.

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Credits: StockApps

The first position of the Mountain View firm is not surprising since its business model is based on data, and the tech giant collects a lot of data including the navigation of its users on third-party sites, the precise location, the search history, and many more.

In the case of the two social networks analyzed in the study, StockApps explains that “Twitter and Facebook both record more information than necessary. However, in the case of Facebook, most of the data they store is information entered by users.. In other words, Facebook largely exploits what users give it as information, without having to collect more.

StockApps explains that the five tech giants are more used to focusing on certain types of data rather than quantity, in particular to offer targeted advertising to their Internet users. In any case, if you want to browse the internet more securely, it is better to use a browser other than Google Chrome, such as DuckDuckGo, which does not collect personal data.

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