Google Cloud Star SADA Nabs VMware Leader As New CRO

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Mark Haranas

Google Cloud Premier Partner SADA Systems has big plans in store for its first-ever Global Chief Revenue Officer, and former VMware Global Channel Leader, Sandy Hogan.


SADA Systems has massive expansion plans in store as the Google Cloud Channel superstar seeks to become a global force with the hiring of former VMware global channel leader Sandy Hogan as its new chief revenue officer.

“I feel like Sandy is one of the key things I had to bring in so we could focus even more on our global expansion strategy, the potential for additional acquisitions and relationship building. closer with our customers, stakeholders and teams,” said Tony Safoian, President and CEO of SADA in an interview with CRN.

“We were looking for someone who could take us from 1,000 people primarily focused on North America to a global perspective in building a business that will inevitably number thousands of people,” Safoian said. “With Sandy’s global experience, experience with Cisco and VMware, which in particular have strong channel organizations, I know Sandy understands how to deliver numbers, drive growth and what makes a partner the best in the world, because she saw it from the other side. He is exactly the right person at the right time for SADA. »

Sandy Hogan is set to become SADA’s first-ever global CRO on July 18, with global sales and go-to-market responsibilities.

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She officially left VMware this month as senior vice president of global business and partner sales, where she led VMware’s $10 billion partner ecosystem and business operations for the past two years.

“The opportunity is so huge for SADA,” Hogan said in an interview with CRN. “SADA has invested to unlock the true value of Google Cloud. Their ability to really deliver that end-to-end value really sets them apart. The foundation is unparalleled in what they have created. »

SADA’s $2.5 billion Google Cloud bet

SADA is a fast-growing and innovative Google Cloud Premier institution, which made CRN’s 2022 Elite 150 list and won Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year for North America in 2021.

The Los Angeles-based company formed a new three-year partnership with Google Cloud this year with the goal of bringing customers to $2.5 billion in Google Cloud consumption.

The company’s expanded relationship with Google addresses a massive need from customers demanding more cloud capabilities and digital transformation from SADA.

Hogan said that while VMware supports a multi-cloud strategy that supports all clouds, Google Cloud stands out on several fronts.

“One is the level of innovation and the speed of innovation that Google invests in,” Hogan said. “I heard Tony say, what really struck me is that when you look at a number of different platforms, Google is leading with customers who are really looking to innovate and really drive transformation, rather than just switching platforms. This is a point of passion for me.

The former VMware channel head said SADA has the “uniqueness” of bringing together Google, ISV and its own solutions end-to-end to accelerate time to value for customers.

Building a world power

SADA continues to gain hundreds of net new customers each year as it expands its presence outside of North America.

The company onboarded more than 230 new customers in the first half of 2022 alone.

In 2021, SADA opened a Global Delivery Center in Armenia to provide delivery and support services to its growing global customer base, as well as hire top talent from the region.

SADA recently acquired India-based Google Cloud Partner ByteWave Digital to provide 24/7 services to customers around the world.

The company is also currently expanding its sales organization in the UK and Ireland with additional engineering and sales leadership appointments as demand grows in the region.

Safoian said Hogan has successfully helped global Cisco and VMware customers around the world while delivering a consistent tent experience.

“As we bring our capabilities to markets around the world, we are greeted with jubilation not only from our partner in these other markets, but also from customers who are thrilled to have someone with our experience come to these regions,” said Safoian. . “Now the magic is going to be to deliver an experience that feels the same regardless of geography. »

“My dream is to have this incredible culture going on, but also to have full competence and capability in all the markets we go to. Sandy’s global experience is perfectly suited to achieve this,” said SADA’s CEO.

Create a “business forever”

With the hiring of Hogan and other industry veterans, massive sales growth and global expansion, SADA said it is striving to create a “business forever”.

This means that SADA builds a customer-for-life approach or, as safoian describes it, “an everlasting relationship” with its customers.

“SADA’s mission to build a ‘business forever’ rooted in delivering incredible value to customers resonated deeply with my values,” said Hogan. “SADA’s unparalleled culture, supported by its top talent, provides us with the opportunity to create a whole new class of capabilities and further innovate across the company. »

Safoian said Hogan has already exceeded his expectations.

“She’s been so active without a lot of prescriptions or counseling. For example, she sets up her own one-on-one meetings with leaders. Its own meetings with stakeholders within SADA. Send me what the plan will be and what she’s thinking. The level of alignment even exceeds my level of expectation,” he said. “I said, ‘Hey, you’re raising the bar on expectations before you even start.’ I know she’s going to do great things here. »

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