Google Cloud Introduces Autoclass, a Solution that Eases Storage Management and Optimizes Costs

PARIS, Sept. 8 (Benin News / EP) –

Google Cloud introduced Autoclassa new feature that makes storage management easier and helps optimize costs, and other product innovations.

Google’s Cloud Computing Solutions Division hosted the event on Thursday Storage Spotlightfocused on cloud storage, in which it presented its new products to meet the different needs of companies.

One of the solutions she presented is Autoclassa new feature of its cloud storage service that makes storage management easier and helps optimize costs. It does this by automatically moving objects to higher storage classes. cold ” or more ” hot“based on last access time and according to predefined policies,” reads a press release.

Google Cloud Hyperdisk is a persistent disk that has the ability to match the performance of block storage to the workload. Aimed at enterprises, it enables independent provisioning of IOPS and throughput for different applications, with the ability to adaptively change the performance of each application over time.

On the other hand, the new multiple file sharing service from Filestore for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) allows administrators to create an instance of Filestore and assign it concurrent shared uses of portions of storage, across one or more thousands of GKE clusters.

Furthermore, the new Storage Overview provides actionable insights into the objects customers have stored in cloud storage. This gives administrators the information they need to make informed storage management decisions. It can be combined with other products such as BigQuery to create specific control panels.

Finally, Google Cloud unveiled the new Google Cloud service. “Backup and disaster recovery, which protects the most valuable applications and data, such as Google Cloud VMware Engine, Compute Engine or databases such as SAP HANA.

It does this by enabling centralized management of data protection and disaster recovery policies directly from the Google Cloud Console, protecting databases and applications “in just a few clicks”.

Google also talked about its storage infrastructure, called Colossus, a clustered file system that stores and manages, and offers storage services like Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, Hyperdisk, and Filestore.

This infrastructure is combined with a “Google Cloud-exclusive” backbone network comprising 173 edge sites, which the company claims is nearly three times better than AWS and Azure.

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