Google Cloud and Workspace will support SSO from third-party identity providers

Google announced that its Cloud and Workspace accounts will now support single sign-on (SSO) from third-party identity providers, which is a security enhancement. The company hopes that this measure will allow customers ” easier access to Google services using their existing identity systems “.

Google has supported SSO through the popular SAML protocol for more than a decade. However, allowing multiple SAML 2.0-based identity providers is expected to increase the tech giant’s appeal to IT administrators worldwide.

On the company’s Cloud Blog, Google Workspace Identity Product Manager Matthew Soldo explains that companies often end up with multiple identity providers, which could be due to mergers, acquisitions, or simply a variety of strategies. computers. Soldo hopes adding support for multiple identity providers will allow businesses and employees to access Google Cloud without having to perform lengthy migrationswhich often result in complex transitions and problems.

Google Cloud administrators can activate up to 100 profiles from the Admin console. The configuration includes entering some basic data, such as a connection URL and an X.509 certificate for authentication.

Future plans for enterprise single sign-on operations include adding support for OIDC — another protocol that can be used with SAML-based identity providers. This support is planned for 2022.

In order to render its services ofcloud computingappealing to businesses as possible, Google has released numerous security updates, including alerts about potentially dangerous changes to Google Accounts.

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