Google Chrome 104 ships with 27 security patches

The stable version of Chrome 104 is available for download and includes nearly thirty security patches.

The update to the latest version of Google’s browser, Chrome 104 has an important security component. No less than 27 fixes are present in this update. Most bugs have been spotted and submitted by members of the Chromium team, independent of Google, who regularly submit their changes to the open source version of the browser which Google then implements in the main version of Chrome.

Security researchers who hunt for these vulnerabilities can earn a lot of money through Google’s Vulnerability Reward program. For version 104, the biggest reward went to an anonymous contributor who spotted a Heap Corruption bug in the behavior of the Omnibox. He received the sum of 10,000 dollars.

The latest version of the browser is now considered stable. The update should be applied automatically over the next few days, except for those using a beta or new version of Chrome. The most impatient can immediately trigger the update process by clicking on the main menu button, then on “Help” and “About Google Chrome”. A reboot is required for the update to apply.

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