Google attacked before the CNIL for its advertising emails

Google “sends unsolicited emails to Gmail users straight to their inbox,” says Noyb.

The association for the defense of the privacy of Internet users Noyb has filed a complaint with the Cnil against the advertising emails sent by Google to users of its Gmail email service, it announced on Wednesday. The Cnil confirmed the filing of Noyb’s complaint, without making further comments.

Google “sends Gmail users unsolicited emails straight to their inboxon behalf of corporate clients of its advertising services, Noyb said in a statement. However, according to Noyb, the European e-Privacy Directive prohibits companies from sending unsolicited advertisements by e-mail, unless they have obtained the prior consent of the Internet user, indicates Noyb. Google for its part declined to comment immediately.

Noyb (acronym for “None of your business“, that is “this is none of your business» in French) is the association founded by the Austrian activist Max Schrems, who already has his credit of numerous stunts against the major internet platforms. Max Schrems has already obtained the cancellation of the American-European agreement on transatlantic data transfers twice, because of the risks for the private life of the American security laws.

In France, its association is, with its French counterpart La Quadrature du Net, at the origin of the condemnation of Google to 50 million euros in fine by the Cnil, for insufficient information of the users of Android on the exploitation of their personal data.

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