Google Ads Enables Custom Conversion Values ​​for Store Visits

Businesses that use Google Ads to drive store visits now have more control over smart bidding with the ability to set custom conversion value rules.

Conversion value rules allow businesses to specify the value of a conversion goal.

Smart bidding optimizes spend around company-set values.

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If you want to bid more on ads designed to drive in-store sales to a physical location, you can now do that.

Prior to this update, Google Ads applied conversion value rules equally to all conversion actions.

In addition to setting specific conversion values ​​for store visits and sales, you can select the values ​​at the campaign level.

If you run multiple campaigns promoting store visits, you may assign a higher value to one than the other.

Google provides the following example in a blog post:

“For example, you can set the default values ​​for store visit or store sales at the campaign level: you can set your store visit value to $100 for campaigns promoting items at big bucks and $10 for campaigns promoting low-cost or low-margin products. »

Google Ads enables custom conversion values ​​for store visitsImage credit: Screenshot from September 2022

Google notes that it’s rolling out the feature in time for the holiday season when businesses experience fluctuating in-store sales.

This is a great time to take advantage of the ability to set conversion value rules for offline vs. online sales.

Additionally, you can set rules for store visits or sales on terms. geographic location, AudienceWhere Devices.

Google provides another example:

“…If you consider store visits from your loyalty program audience to be more valuable, you can create an audience value rule that says, “If the user is part of the loyalty program audience loyalty, multiply the value of the store visit by 2”.

The ability to adjust values ​​by location or device means you can increase the value of store visits for customers in New York compared to customers in other regions, for example.

You can set conversion value rules by logging into your Google Ads account and going to Measure > Conversions > Rules of value.

Then click on create a conversion value rule and fill in the required information.

Source: Google Ads Help
Featured Image: Rido/Shutterstock

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