Good Volvo plan: the XC40 cheaper than a Tesla Model 3!

At the end of summer we found a good plan for you and it’s happening at Volvo, which displays its XC40 cheaper than a Tesla Model 3!

Thanks to a promotion combined with the current ecological bonus, the Volvo XC40 Recharge Start costs €37,950!

Indeed, Volvo has lowered the price of its 100% electric SUV that we had already tried and which had more than convinced us. It is now displayed at €43,950 in the “Start” finish. (entry level), which makes it eligible for the maximum bonus of €6,000 valid for the purchase of a new electric vehicle under €47,000. You can even add some options. We suggest the winter pack at 1000 €which includes heated front seats, heated steering wheel and most importantly the heat pump which makes it possible to reduce the electrical consumption and therefore to increase the autonomy.

If we summarize

€43,950 (without option) – €6,000 = €37,950! That’s almost €10,000 less than a Tesla Model 3

This is, in our opinion, a very, very good deal*. The XC40 is a very well finished and very comfortable SUV. The 231 hp are quite sufficient to move the 2030 kg of the machine. The 69 kWh battery carries theautonomy in WLTP cycle at 420 km, which makes it versatile. We can consider going on vacation with it because the on-board charger can collect up to 150 kW of charging power. The 1st level of finish incorporates a very satisfactory standard equipment. Only the 452 liter rear trunk (+31 liters with the front trunk) may be a bit tight for some.

And if you prefer yourself opt for a long-term rental (LLD) is also possible. For an XC40 Recharge Start (without option), the 1st rent amounts to 4000 € once the ecological bonus has been deducted, then 35 rents of €350/month. At this price, the offer includes 30,000 km during the 3 years of rental.

which brings the total amount for the 3 years of rental at €16,250 (350€ x 35 + 4000€)

Whether you choose to buy or rent, you will benefit froma 3-year or 100,000 km manufacturer’s warranty and 3-year maintenance on parts (excluding wear parts) and labour.

On the other hand, we will have to think quickly, and even very quickly! In effect, this offer is only valid until 08/31/2022. It’s short, very short even! We hope that Volvo will extend or even renew this offer.

If you’re still on vacation, it’s really worth going to a Volvo dealership!

As a reminder, a decree of June 29, 2022 extends the current scale of the ecological bonus for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles until December 31, 2022 inclusive. The scale will be lowered by €1,000 from 1er January 2023.

Consequently, until December 31, 2022, all individuals benefit from a maximum bonus of €6,000 (capped at 27% of the price of the vehicle) for the purchase of a new 100% electric vehicle under €47,000. .

*This article is not sponsored and is not written or published as part of a paid partnership with Volvo Cars.


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