Free phone calls with Google Voice

Types of free calls with Google Voice

Google Voice can be used to make free PC-to-phone calls and free PC-to-PC calls.

The easiest and most common way to use Google Voice, however, is to allow the service to connect your phone to the destination number for free. You could call it a free “phone to phone” call.

How to delete your google voice number

Sign up for Google Voice

You can sign up for Google Voice for free from your Google Account, which uses the same information you use to access other Google services like Gmail and YouTube.

Si vous n'avez pas encore de compte Google, créez-en un sur

Lisez et acceptez toutes les conditions et règles, puis accédez aux paramètres de votre compte Google Voice. En haut de la page, dans l'onglet Numéros de téléphone, sélectionnez CHOISIR.

Vous pouvez alors rechercher un numéro en fonction de l'indicatif régional d'une ville. Tapez Atlanta, GA, par exemple, et vous obtiendrez tous les numéros que vous pouvez choisir en fonction de l'indicatif régional d'Atlanta. Choisissez SELECT sur le numéro que vous voulez.

Ensuite, suivez la procédure étape par étape pour relier votre téléphone existant à votre compte Google afin de pouvoir utiliser votre numéro Google Voice avec votre tablette ou votre téléphone.

To use Google Voice to make free phone calls:

Connectez-vous à Google Voice et saisissez un nom ou un numéro dans l'espace prévu à cet effet.

Appuyez sur le bouton de téléphone pour lancer l'appel.

To use Google Voice to make free PC-to-PC phone calls, install the free Google Voice and Video Chat plugin, also known as the Hangout plugin. Once installed, you can make free calls from the chat area or Hangouts in Gmail to real phones using just your PC’s microphone and speakers.

Google Hangouts plugin

PC-to-PC calls, usually called voice chat or video chat, can be made using Google Hangouts.

You can also use Google Voice from a mobile app. Official Google apps are available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users.

Free calls made with Google Voice are limited to three hours, after which you will be disconnected. However, you are free to call the same number as many times as you want. It is therefore more of an occasional inconvenience than a real restriction.

It’s also important to know that calling with Google Voice is only free if you call numbers based in the United States or Canada. Calls to numbers outside of the United States and Canada are billed by the minute.

PC-to-PC calls via Google Hangouts are not limited.

Thoughts on Google Voice

We love Google Voice. We’ve been using it since it was GrandCentral, before Google bought the company. The free phone calls are clear and the service is very easy to use.

The mobile app we used on an iPhone is user-friendly and works perfectly whenever we need it.

If not for another reason, some people get a Google Voice number just so they can send certain people or businesses to a number other than their primary phone number. So if you sign up for a web service and need to enter your phone number, you can give your Google Voice number so that all calls go to that number instead of your regular phone.

Since Google Voice supports voicemail, regular callers and spammers can leave you messages and they will all be collected in Google Voice, not your regular phone’s inbox.

There are other ways to save money on your cell phone bill that are more reliable. Google Fi offers affordable and reliable mobile phone service.

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