France team – Pogba case: Revelations on the origin of evil in the family

For several days now, Paul Pogba and his family have been making headlines. It became clear that the 2018 world champion was under strong financial pressure from those around him. A phenomenon much further than in recent months.

He embodies modern football through his player profile. However, for several days, Paul Pogba has also become the symbol of the excesses of football business in 2022. The Juventus midfielder is at the heart of a dark case of extortion, of which he would be the victim for the benefit of friends. and members of his family. It is a question here of threats with large caliber weapons for a sum of 13 million euros according to Paul Pogba, who filed a complaint with the French and Italian courts.

Money issues follow Pogba from Le Havre

The recent revelations around the Pogba family have had the effect of a bombshell in French football and even within the French team. However, if the facts reproached by the Pioche date from last March, the financial pressures which he undergoes from his close relations bring back much further behind. Since the first professional club he attended in fact, that is to say Le Havre in 2009. It is the former president of the HAC, Jean-Pierre Louvel who details the facts surrounding the sudden departure of the player for Manchester United at the time. A stab from the midfield, influenced by the greed of those close to him who later reoffended.

When I received Paul at that time in front of me he translated things where he was good. That he felt good within the club, with his friends, academically. Unfortunately, he left because I think that the whole family, the whole entourage was not conducive to keeping him. They were there mainly to take advantage of the money. The betrayal we had, unfortunately three years later, it was Manchester United who had it since the agreements had been signed between the family and Manchester. We knew it because we were interested in the two additional years that Paul had to do and we saw what happened because after three years, they did not keep the agreements taken under private signature and they went back to the Juventus at that time. Everyone looked to enjoy this career before thinking about Paul’s future “, he developed with France 3 Normandy. In other words, a complex situation for the player but also for the investigators who will have to unravel a real bag of knots in this affair which has weighed on the Pogba family for many years.

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