Ford executive mocks Elon Musk

Try Tesla Stock Sale: Ford Executive Mocks Elon Musk?

Build Your Own Tesla Stock Sale: Ford Executive Laughs at Elon Musk or Request a Free Trial.

Ford’s communications director in the United States was amused by a broken promise from Elon Musk on the sale of Tesla shares.

This week, Elon Musk sold $6.9 billion worth of Tesla stock. This follows an initial reduction in its portfolio, to the tune of $8.5 billion. This took place when Musk wanted to buy Twitter.

In total, the billionaire has sold more than $30 billion worth of Tesla shares since the start of the year. But its promises dating from the previous sale have not escaped everyone.

Mike Levine, Ford’s communications director in the United States, has indeed seen a broken promise from Musk. The latter had indeed assured at the end of April that he no longer planned to part with Tesla shares.

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Three and a half months later, it finally parted ways with other parts of the electric car brand. Levine thus took over the memes Twitter on which we can read: “How it started / how it’s going”.

In the first, we see Musk’s tweet about not wanting to sell stocks. In the image next to it is an article about this new sale. This latest financial transaction could again concern the takeover of Twitter, around which there is now a battle in court.

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