For the National Academy of Medicine, “the mask becomes necessary again”

The seasonal epidemics of influenza, bronchiolitis but also the current wave of Covid cases are at the origin of this recommendation.

L’National Academy of Medicine fears that co-infections, with the approach of winter, will eventually have repercussions on hospital services.

The institution is based on a triple health observation: “the eighth wave of Covid-19 (which) seems to be stabilizing at a high level“, but also “the prospect of an early seasonal flu epidemic” and “bronchiolitis in children under 2 years old (which) has passed into an epidemic phase throughout the territory”.

The recommendation of the Academy of Medicine

Thus, the Academy recommends “wearing a surgical-type mask in hospitals, clinics, health centers and pharmacies, and in closed spaces open to the public, such as public transport during busy periods”.

The return of the FFP2 mask would also be desirable “in closed public spaces for the elderly or carriers of comorbidities, for the entourage and health professionals who are in contact with vulnerable people and for pregnant women, even when they are up to date with their vaccinations”.

Mask: not mandatory

In its press release, the Academy of Medicine adds that the “possibility of double infection, exposing vulnerable people to the most severe forms and hospital services to the risk of saturation, must be taken into consideration for the 2022-2023 season”.

However, the institution considers that the health situation does not justify an obligation to wear a mask, but a recommendation.

Barrier gestures at half mast

It must be said that after two winter seasons with a low circulation of respiratory viruses such as influenza and bronchiolitis, caution is in order.

Why ? The institution recalls:

During the 2020-2021 season, no active circulation of influenza viruses was observed, the strict application of barrier gestures, in particular wearing a mask and washing hands, having led to a spectacular decrease in the incidence of infections. influenza, gastroenteritis and bronchiolitis.

Encouraging a stricter return to these barrier gestures, the Academy also wishes “an energetic reminder of vaccination recommendations”. They suggest combining booster doses against Covid-19 and vaccination against influenza.

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