Foot PSG – Zidane close to PSG, the Marseillais make him pay

Announced close to a signing at Paris Saint-Germain, Zinedine Zidane arouses a lot of reactions from the side of Marseille. For local residents and supporters, the native of the Marseille city is guilty of a huge betrayal.

A few days ago, the Zinedine Zidane track seemed buried for Paris Saint-Germain. It was thought then that his attachment and his links to Marseille had weighed when responding to the offer of the champion of France. Suddenly, the Marseille rapper Soprano almost boasted of the announced refusal of the technician. ” With my teams, we talked to him about it (to Zidane), with a little bit of pressure (laughs) “, confided the artist to the newspaper L’Equipe.

Besides, he never said yes! (…) No way ! Oh no, I can’t… Even if he has never played for OM, Zidane also represents Marseille “explained Soprano, without expecting a twist. This Friday, the former Real Madrid coach seems close to an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain. Several sources give the same trend and worry the inhabitants of Marseille and lovers of OM on social networks. The reactions even come from political figures like Renaud Muselier. The president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has indeed posted a broken heart on Twitter.

While Jérémy Bacchi preferred to put words to his frustration. ” How sad to see that money can buy everything, including a man’s passionsdared the senator from Bouches-du-Rhône. But despite all this money, Qatar and PSG will never be able to buy the soul of a big club. “Unsurprisingly, the Parisian rival is criticized. But Zinedine Zidane is not spared either. Indeed, the “Z5” sports complex recently opened by the coach in Istres suddenly received a wave of negative opinions on the internet, with calls for a boycott. To believe that the 1998 world champion is making enemies at home, in his hometown.

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