Flu: how to recognize the symptoms?

Flu: how to recognize the symptoms?
One of the first symptoms of the flu is fever with chills. © Adobe stock

Health authorities expect a flu epidemic this winter. How to recognize flu symptoms? How are they different from Covid or a cold?

Recognize flu symptoms

The first flu symptoms appear 48 hours after infection. Those are :

  • a strong fever,
  • a severe fatigue (asthenia),
  • loss of appetite;
  • of the pains muscular, such as body aches,
  • of the headache and cough dried.

How do you catch the flu virus?

The flu is a respiratory virus. It is transmitted by sneezing or the cough principally. It can also be transmitted by contact. If you are infected with the flu, you are contagious during 5 days.

What are the differences with the common cold or Covid?

It is easy to distinguish a flu from a cold. The cold is mild: there is no fever or joint pain. On the other hand, the symptoms of flu are very close of those of covid. To make a difference, it is necessary to make a self test Covid or a antigen test.

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