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KAMELIWEB by RACV is the first CMS allowing a site to be natively networked with hundreds of others, in order to facilitate the natural positioning of its keywords on the 1st page of Google™.

Its unique technology in the world makes it possible to communicate simultaneously on hundreds of websites, without displaying any of these publications to visitors to the sites concerned. (Although they are all referenced by search engine robots on each of these sites)

KAMELIWEB acts as a collaborative e-reputation generator which allows you to benefit from a powerful mutualized natural referencing space while guaranteeing complete independence and autonomy vis-à-vis its own digital communication.

Thanks to this collaborative referencing by E-reputation, 70% of the key expressions thus referenced naturally position themselves on the first page of Google™ in less than a week.

About :

The company DDSLWEB, FranceNum activator for the digitization of companies, has invested for 14 years in Research & Development to design “KAMELIWEB” a software for creating websites without programming, which can be described as revolutionary, as its technological breakthrough is obvious.

Kameliweb is intended for project leaders who want to save money by developing their own tailor-made professional website, and keep control of their digital strategy. (Independently)

Kameliweb is also ideal for graphic designers who want to be able to provide a complete service to their customers (Graphics + website).

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