finish, engine, price… The Italian reveals itself!

That’s it, the new Ferrari is finally revealed! And no, this is not a coupe. Four seats, five doors, more than two tons, twelve cylinders, five meters long, two wide, a real trunk, 725 thoroughbreds… Here is the Purosangue!

We are finally there. After so much waiting, Ferrari lifts the veil on its new atypical racing car. Attention, although the temptation is great, Ferrari asks that it not be categorized as an SUV!

here is Ferrari Purosanguethe most imposing of all the cars released and badged in the famous prancing horse.

Ferrari Purosangue: SUV or not SUV?

It is important to get things straight from the start. Facing a vehicle of this size, difficult not to ask the question! However, according to the Italian brand, the Ferrari Purosangue is not an SUV. Nothing could be more logical, this kind of label does not adhere to the hair of a prancing horse!

But if we remain purely pragmatic, it must be said that this Purosangue has something to make us doubt.

His clutter, his four doorshis four-seater and his height of 1.74 meters… So many clues that show that it is anything but a classic coupe, as the Italian brand has accustomed us so much.

But in the end, a Sport Utility Vehicle » is only an appellation. Straight out of a marketing research department! And even if this Purosangue has everything of a useful vehicle, and even sporty with its 725 horsepowerlet’s put aside the controversy and see what the Maranello engineers have in store for us.

Ferrari Purosangue: there is room!

The first sensation that comes to mind when we look at this unidentified rolling object is astonishment. How to remain indifferent in the face of a vehicle marked with the Prancing Horse with same size!

The wheels, just as large (22 inches at the front, 23 at the rear) contribute to this feeling of excess, while the wheel arches details (optional carbon, otherwise plastic) leave the top of the body floating.

Nevertheless, the drawing stay stylish. The Purosangue is therefore a four-door, those at the rear opening in antagonistic waysas opposed to the front doors.

Once the two doors are open, we discover a well-kept living room where space is generous.

Two large sizes can cohabit one behind the other, the rear passengers easily sliding their feet under the front seats. Both front and rear, you sit in the Purosangue without having to bend down too much. It is therefore definitely not an SUV as we understand it…

Of course, this rolling living room is dressed to the nines, and the finishes are of the most beautiful effect in the cabin.

Ferrari Purosangue: a new in-house V12

Phew! the Purosangue escaped the shock. At least for the moment.

To tell the truth, this one will be animated “only” by a Atmospheric V12at least until 2025. A brave choice these days. A choice that can only delight us as we systematically cry at the idea of ​​seeing such jewels with their bewitching sounds disappear.

The engine block, advertised as completely new, is hand made within the factory, apart from the crankshaft which is outsourced. The car is also made up of more than 80% new components.

Derived from that of 812 Competitionthe 6.5L direct injection V12 is 65% open and placed in the front center position.

It offers two overhead camshafts acting on a forest of 48 valves and remains dry sump. The intake ducts have been redesigned, as well as the majority of the internal parts.

Same thing for the exhaust, for which the engineers insisted on obtaining a manifold in which each tube is the same length. The sound will be optionally discreet in GT-mode Where ” Ferraresque in Sports mode.

The new block therefore offers 725 hp at 7,750 rpmassociated with a dual-clutch gearbox 8 gears. More than enough power even to move the almost 2.2 tons of the vehicle!

Ferrari Purosangue: jewel of technology

The chassis is made of several types of aluminum (extruded or cast) with carbon reinforcements at the rear anchor points and the windshield.

As standard, the roof is also made of carbon. But an option in electro-sensitive film glass, allows you to make it clear or opaque on demand. If this type of roof is not new, it is however the first to have four independent elements that each passenger can adjust as they wish. A delight !

Finally, the aerodynamics have also benefited from a great deal of work on the part of the engineers to optimize the stability as well as the cooling of the engine.

As we can see, the Purosangue is not only a pretty jig, but also a tech monster. Probably able to make people forget their weight. Because with its 2,180 kg on the scale with full tanks, it is quite simply the heaviest Ferrari ever built.

Ferrari Purosangue: what price?

If you were planning to treat yourself to a brand new Purosangue, you will have to arm yourself with patience.

Because for the moment, all the models planned for production, i.e. 2000 per year, have already been sold. And this, for the next four years !

Finally, the unit price is displayed at €390,000, to which it will be necessary to add a nice malus of 30,000 €. First deliveries expected for mid-2023.

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Ferrari Purosangue: technical sheet

  • Engine: V12 atmo 65°, 48S, dry sump
  • Displacement: 6,496 cc
  • Maximum power: 725 hp at 7,750 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 73 mkg at 6,250 rpm
  • Transmission: Integral (not permanent)
  • Active differential: standard
  • Advertised weight: 2,180 kg*
  • Weight/power ratio: 3 kg/hp
  • L – W – H: 4,973 – 2,028 – 1,737 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3018mm
  • Front/rear tracks: 1,737/1,720 mm
  • Front & rear tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 255/35 R 22 & 315/30 R 23
  • Trunk: 473 l
  • Fuel: 100 liters
  • Base price: €390,000 (+ penalty of €30,000)
  • V.max: 310 km/h
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 3”3
  • 0 to 200 km/h: 10”6

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