FC Nantes – Mercato: Mostafa Mohamed already apostrophized by the supporters

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FC Nantes has a new striker in its ranks. Mostafa Mohamed has indeed signed with the Canaries this week, on loan from Galatasaray. The Egyptian striker took part in his first training session yesterday with the Canaries, in the Nantes rain.

Already in the bath, Mohamed has already displayed certain qualities on the green rectangle and was shouted at by Blasinho, an inveterate follower of FC Nantes who asked him to update his personal information on social networks!

“Change your profile picture and your Mostafa Twitter bio, please,” he courteously asked her. For the time being, the 24-year-old striker has done no such thing and still highlights his membership of the Turkish club. Patience…

to summarize

Arrived on loan from Galatasaray during the week, Mostafa Mohamed (24) has already participated in a rainy training session for the Canaries at La Jonelière. The opportunity to show a first limit with the supporters.

Bastien Aubert

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