FC Barcelona – Robert Lewandowski, the “predator” that Barça was hoping for

Nothing like symbols to reassure: when it came to opening the scoring in a spectacular way against Valladolid (4-0), Robert Lewandowski amused the logo fans. Isn’t his gesture in extension the perfect replica of the striker drawn on the brand image of the Bundesliga? Under the eyes of R9, RL9 struck in his own way: clinical.

First with this acrobatic recovery to unlock the scoreboard. Then, on a heel as spontaneous as full of success to afford the double. Before that, the one who already sits at the top of the scorers’ rankings in La Liga (4 goals in 3 matches) had hit the post with his skull. Above all, he had dominated the opposing hinge head and shoulders to transform the Barcelona game. Those who doubted it got their money’s worth at the start of the season: Lewandowski has lost none of his brilliance by changing teams.


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A killer: It’s crazy how things change when you have a gluttonous attacker who comes in front of goaldetailed Sport in its titled match notes on the “predator” Lewandowski. ‘Lewy’ has the cages between his eyes and doesn’t think twice when it comes to punching. It is a constant threat to opposing defenses“.
As if (re)discovering the importance of a powerful and lethal number 9, the Barcelona ecosystem is already enthusiastic about Lewandowski’s contribution, some even already trying to nickname him the “flying Pole” in reference to Cruyff and his crazy goal in December 1973 which earned him his worldwide nickname.

Symbol but above all example

The Pole symbolizes this exciting start to the season for Barça de Xavi, with movement, almost constant proposals around the ball, a Pedri at the crossroads of all decisions and systematically dangerous Dembélé and Raphinha wisps. In this symbiosis, Lewandowski is both the final cog but also a nerve center in the animation. His back-to-goal game, his throw-ins and his orientations: everything is often done wisely, in the right tempo.

Aware of having attracted one of the best players in the world, the Catalan coach did not have enough good words to describe the contribution of his star recruit to his project. “Having Lewandowski in your team is a blessinghe breathed. His perfect timing to receive the balls, his movements, how he protects the ball… He’s an extraordinary player. Spectacular“.

At a time when old executives are relegated to second place, Lewandowski also embodies this reference with a young but ambitious troupe. The one who sets an example and who pushes a group upwards through his professionalism. “He’s a natural leadercontinued Xavi on Sunday. He is a model, a born worker. He’s humble, he works for the team, he helps the staff, he creates differences… I think he’s happy, that’s the most important thing“.

Robert Lewandowski

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Seeing his goals from the pitch is crazy

With the group, in any case, the influence is real. A decisive passer on Lewy’s first goal in La Liga, young Alejandro Baldé is impressed. “I had seen a lot of goals from him on TV but seeing them from the pitch is crazysmiled the young left-back on Sunday. And the fact of seeing him score on one of my passes to Anoeta…“.

Lewandowski, he does not seem particularly disturbed by this change of creamery. Sunday, after his recital, he left the Camp Nou lawn quickly to return for a few minutes with his children. While the substitutes were in recovery session, the Pole took the time to have fun with his two daughters before enjoying the applause of the few supporters who remained in the stands. There has been a longer and more painful acclimatization for some of Barça’s flagship recruits in recent years. Maybe also because RL9 finally sticks to what Barça needed.

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